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Board-up Services Valley Falls,  Oregon, Rainbow International Restoration

Windows are an important part of any home or business. While they let light in, they also keep the elements out and away from destroying your property. When windows are lost due to fire, storms, or acts of vandalism, it’s important to have them boarded up correctly and as quickly as possible. Rainbow International Restoration board up services are the fast and necessary temporary solutions you need to make sure your structure is secured. Board up services with Rainbow International Restoration provide you with fast and complete:

  • Weather protection in all seasons
  • Security from exposing your property to easy illegal entry, burglary, or break-ins
  • Safety from the broken glass shards left behind after a window has been broken

Board up services are temporary services carried out until the window itself can be replaced. They work to keep the structure safe and sound during this meantime period.

When a big storm hits, high winds blow down tree branches, or a fire strikes, your roof can be left taking a great deal of damage. Like windows, your roof is tasked with keeping your property protected from the elements of the outside, and tarp over projects make sure your property remains in good standing until roof damage can be repaired. Rainbow International Restoration tarp over services provide a temporary fix to water and weather proof your roof until this part of your structure can be properly and permanently fixed. Rainbow International Restoration understands the urgency of tarp over needs and our professionals will complete the job quickly and thoroughly to ensure the proper protection is provided.

For emergency board-up and roof tarping services, call us today at 855-724-6269. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year. Homeowners and business owners can also request an estimate online.

"Happily. Even after."

Rainbow International was highly responsive when we had a pipe burst in the single digit temperatures. The team was very thorough and the local owner was onsite for the entire project. Recommended.
- Justin P.

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Why Rainbow International?

Our experienced board-up technicians use powerful tools and proven techniques to make sure that all glass shards are collected/properly disposed of. Our emergency board-up solutions provide you with a temporary fix you can live with until the windows can be replaced.

Picture of a house boarded up after a disaster.

The work we do:

  • prevents drafting of cold/hot air
  • keeps your window frames and exteriors safe from damage in the boarding-up process
  • offers real security

Additionally, our tarp-over service stops water intrusion caused by structural roof damage. Problems on the roof can be hard to spot without a thorough evaluation. Since the roof could be unstable, especially if the damage is severe, you want to leave the inspection to professionals.

Utilizing proven techniques and the most advanced equipment and supplies, our professional IIRCR-certified crews complete every job right, with an uncompromising commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction. And we provide real-time status updates to you and your insurance company as the work is being completed. To schedule service any time day or night, call 855-724-6269.

Preventative Service

Some Valley Falls, Oregon areas will require preventative services to stop the worst before it occurs. Where windstorms, tornadoes, or hurricanes are frequent occurrences, these preventative services can protect your property before storms do their damage. Rainbow International Restoration performs these preventative services like window board up services, garage door protection, and rooftop damage prevention before a big storm is due to hit and any damage can be done.

Rainbow International Restoration professionals utilize proven techniques and the most advanced equipment in all of our board up and tarp over services in Valley Falls, Oregon. Our crews are IIRCR certified and committed to completing every job correctly with reliability and trustworthiness at the forefront. Real-time status updates are provided to insurance providers and property owners to keep you in the know of every step of your job from start to finish.

If you decide it's wise to act before a particular storm hits, Rainbow International performs preventative:

  • window board-up service
  • garage door protection
  • rooftop wind damage prevention services

FEMA recommends certain preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of damage to windows, garage doors and rooftops by strong winds:

“Windows are particularly vulnerable components on most structures. Impact-resistant glazing or permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows. A second option is to laminate the glass with a thin film to keep the glass from shattering. You can also board-up windows with 5/8-inch plywood, cut to fit and ready to install. Tape does not prevent windows from breaking. Numerous manufacturers produce certified storm-resistant window and door products. Also reinforce garage doors against direct wind effects by using storm-resistant doors or by retrofitting existing doors with commercially available products. “Roof failures commonly cause major damage to buildings and their contents. Metal brackets and straps can strengthen the connections between the roof and wall systems. Brackets and straps should be attached at the studs and rafters, not to the plywood sheathing. The entire structure can be bolted to its foundation using anchor bolts along the foundation sill.”

There’s a Rainbow on the Other Side

When windows break, roofs are damaged, or dangerous storms are in the forecast, your local Rainbow International franchise is ready to help. Our customers love the fast, professional way we get damaged homes and businesses on the way back to normal, and help prevent storm damage to begin with.

To speak with a local expert from Rainbow International about preventative window board-up or other services to protect against an approaching or future storm, call our 24/7 emergency service hotline at 855-724-6269.

"Happily. Even after."